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Welcome to SARAJ FOUNDATION, a lighthouse of Hope and transformation committed to igniting good change in local communities through a variety of programs centered on compassion, health, empowerment, and education. 

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On July 14, 2019, Deepika Arya, a remarkable audiologist and a dedicated woman in the community, launched Saraj. Sarita Devi, a committed house maker with her simplicity, and Kumar Ranjan, an audiologist with over 25 years of expertise in the hearing aid industry, are the other two outstanding supporters and co-founders of Saraj. They started this non-governmental organization with the utmost respect and honesty. They made the decision to inspire young people from different backgrounds to embark on missions and support their country.

Saraj is a nonprofit organisation that works to better the lives of those who reside in these slums by taking initiative. Saraj works with youngsters since they are the future generations that will make contributions to our nation. Saraj was founded to promote holistic development, which includes lowering poverty and inequality, empowering people, and enhancing both mental and physical health.

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Our Work

In our nation, where basic awareness is still lacking, one can witness individuals dying every day simply to survive. According to our ideology, youngsters should be the primary priority for improving these severely affected areas overall. For this reason, SARAJ is committed to creating a link between the young of India and you.

Our goal is also to improve the quality of life and general well-being of individuals by providing them with access to appropriate healthcare for their hearing. 

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Radha kunj Apartmengt, Archana Vihar colony, Baghi, Begusarai 851218
Working In :- Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Banglore



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